Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ah Cheng Laksa @ Giant Stadium Shah Alam

It is an outdated post.. Juz saw dis photo album in my lappie.. then I only remember dat I haven blog about dis yummy laksa yet.. 

Ah Cheng Laksa has its origins dated back over 56 years ago in a small town in Alor Star, Kedah. A unique family recipe loved by the locals till today. It was brought to Klang Valley in 2004 in the form of chain shop by one of the family members. (Quoted from Ah Cheng Laksa Fan Page in Facebook)

The originality is the secret to the popularity of dis exotic Asam Laksa. The ingredients are sourced from the North to ensure that the consistency and qualities are maintained all the time. (Quoted from Ah Cheng Laksa Fan Page in Facebook)

Talking about eating laksa, it makes me recalled back how my friends and I ate laksa during our childhood time.. Every time when we having laksa, for sure we eat together wif a packet of prawn/ fish crackers.. Haha.. Do anyone ever eat laksa in such kind of way??  For those who never tried it before, you should try it..  ^^ Juz crushed the crackers into small pieces and mixed it together into the laksa.. Wow~! The taste is really very different.. *makes my saliva start to dropping down*.. haha..

Best in KL, Klang Valley & Some even said in M'sia (Quoted from Ah Cheng Laksa)

Ah Cheng Laksa @ Giant, Stadium Shah Alam (Quoted from Ah Cheng Laksa)


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